We know the story. I am obese, that means fat. I have been observed to be fat by not only my lovely and better half, but also a physician or two. No, I have not been “fat shamed”. I have been objectively considered and warned of potential trouble due to my unwillingness to be healthy, take care of myself or have accountability to myself and those around me.

  • We started this journey at 245lbs.
  • I reported this journey at 230lbs.
  • On September 6th, I was 215lbs.

More importantly when I was 235lbs, I got blood work performed. It was bad, it was not dangerous (yet) but it showed a clear need to change my thinking about my health. My numbers on June 6th were:

  • TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL, MS  330 (low but not deficient)
  • CHOLESTEROL, TOTAL 253 H (over 200 bad)
  • TRIGLYCERIDES 180 H (over 150 bad)
  • LDL-CHOLESTEROL 167 H (over 100 bad)
  • NON HDL CHOLESTEROL 200 H (Over 130 bad)
  • GLUCOSE 104 H (Over 99 bad, potential for diabetes)

As of September 18th (when I received the results): 

  • TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL, MS 419 (almost middle ground and a marked improvement)

Woot! Back into safe range.


Woot! Back in safe range.


Still high but much better. I expect to have this in range before the end of the year.

  • NON HDL CHOLESTEROL 135 (Over 130 bad)

Marked improvement

  • GLUCOSE 96

Woot! Back in safe range.

I also added an A1C test to see if I was having actual diabetic markers. I had a 5.1% result, which is an absence of diabetes. 

The Six Levels of Fatness | Gabriel Iglesias

So what now? I stay accountable to myself and my other half. I continue to work on staying active, losing weight and eating right. I also continue to eat Steak, Pork, Bacon (it is always its own class), Eggs, Cheese and most importantly Vegetables.

What would I advise to our team members that are struggling with weight or health?

  1. There is no such thing as “fat healthy” or “obese healthy”.
  2. Stop making excuses, treat yourself better, you deserve it.
  3. If it is from a box, it probably isn’t food. 
  4. Exercise more, eat out less.
  5. Get a fitbit or equivalent.

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