I am an avid public speaker, podcast host and guest. I speak internationally and have provided presentations in Austria, Canada, China, France, Ireland and of course these Great United States. I generally speak on PostgreSQL, Linux, Open Source and Business. I have presented to Young Professionals groups, University ACM chapters and of course, many conferences. If you are looking for a presentation on one of the aforementioned subjects do not hesitate to reach out.


The following is just a sample of the presentations available and new ones are available to be considered.

Run a conference (2015): A presentation on what it takes to run a conference from start to finish including finances, recruiting volunteers and the benefits thereof.

Webscale is Dead (2015): A humorous look at the past trend to brand a database as Webscale and debunking the mythology around the term.

Rich in the Jungle (2017): A performance and business evaluation of renting from the cloud, specifically virtualized vs rented bare metal.

PostgreSQL the Center of your Data Universe (2018): A technical advocacy driven presentation used to educate audiences (and specifically web developers) on all the features that PostgreSQL brings to your stack.

Logical Replication (2019): A technical overview including configuration and setup of the Logical Replication features of PostgreSQL.


PostgreSQL Performance and Maintenance: A half day training that gives only the meat and potatoes of Performance and Maintenance for PostgreSQL.

The postgresql.conf from A-Z: A full day training that provides comprehensive discussion and education around every parameter within the postgresql.org.

Elevating your confidence with the Elephants restoration capabilities: A half day training that provides a detailed look at PostgreSQL’s backup, restore and disaster recovery capabilities.