Partner, Father, Founder, Explorer


      • I am partner to an amazing lady by the name of Amanda Nystrom. She can most commonly be found keeping me in line, running our company Command Prompt, gardening, spoiling frenchtons, composing honey-do lists, and helping others.


      • I am Father to three human children (28,20 and 18) and three fur children. My most favorite child Oscar (Bin Laden). (He eats things, has zero fear of running cars, and has a bit of a death wish). 


      • I started several Internet Service Providers in the early 90s, including one of the largest still private ISPs operating today in Portland, In 1997, I founded Command Prompt, Inc., the oldest and only original Postgres services company still operating. In 2007 I founded Postgres Conference which still operates today as the largest global non-profit Postgres centered conference in the world. In 2008, I founded United States PostgreSQL, the United States PostgreSQL.Org affiliated 501c3. In 2018 I co-founded the Intrepidus Vita Life and Leadership project with Amanda Nystrom. In 2021 I founded the podcast, More than a Refresh: A podcast about data and the people that wrangle it.


      • A constant explorer, I have been to several countries in Europe as well as China. My favorite place to explore is these grand United States and we spend 6 months a year traveling in our converted school bus (Intrepidus).